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About Make Your Penis Huge! -- mahaliem -- R

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Story Title: Make Your Penis Huge!

Author: mahaliem

Rating: R

House: Offsite (Livejournal), would probably be AT

Source: General comm 'new fic' rec

Link: Ever so slightly longer but not quite as thick

Summary: Harry and Draco are Aurors who are assigned to work an unusual case.

In the light of the recent Livejournal "Strikethrough '07" controversy, it's probably an appropriate time to Niffle a fic that survived it, and that's unabashedly smutty (and definitely between consenting adults)!

In this one, set at some unspecified time after the war, Harry and Draco are both Aurors. Their boss Kingsley Shacklebolt teams them up yet again (something that makes both of them think he must in fact be evil, former Order member or not) to investigate spam advertisements offering a 'Magical Penis Cream' guaranteed to enlarges any penis by 3-5 inches -- and which actually works, as it's being sold by a wizard, thus endangering the secrecy of the entire Wizarding World.

Of course, it doesn't help Harry's temper that every time he mentions the cream to anyone, they nod sagely and explain how they always understood that he would have need of something like that, and totally approve ...

This is a Harry/Draco fic, following the old favourite trope in which they have obviously settled their major differences but still have a snarky relationship. It's hugely (er, sorry, unfortunate word in this context perhaps) entertaining and very funny, so highly recommended!
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